Thursday, February 22nd & Big Gold Test

Ratios Day 2 was a little more complex than Ratios Day 1. Today, students learned what to do if a direct relationship cannot be made from ratio to ratio. Here are the notes students took down into their math notebooks:

Many times in daily life, we run into situations where a direct relationship cannot be made from one ratio situation to another. In that case, we have to “divide down & multiply up” to arrive at the desired ratio.  We worked a multitude of examples together as a class to ensure everyone understood the procedures for these non-direct relationships! Here are some of the examples we worked together:

The big “take-away” from today’s lesson was this: if you cannot make a direct relationship between the given ratio and where you want to go, then you have to “divide down & multiply up”. Most students seem to get the hang of things as we worked through the examples!


HW Prac Ratio Tables HW for 2-21-2019


Wednesday, February 20th & Big Gold Test

Students began working with Ratio Tables today in class. Ratio Tables are a more effective way to generate equivalent ratios as they allow the student to move between ratios more fluidly.

Here are our notes from today’s class. Students glued these notes into their math notebook:

The biggest take-away from today’s lesson was this: if you can “see” or “recognize” a direct relationship from the given ratio to the ratio you want to find, then make that direct relationship (“showing the relationship”) and then applying that same relationship to the other part of the ratio.

No homework tonight! Just want to let this sit in the brain and let it sink in!

We have a gold test on Inequalities coming up this Friday, Feb 22nd! We have been reviewing these skills during PowerUps so everyone should be refreshed on these skills:

  • determining a good solution to an inequality
  • writing an inequality
  • graphing an inequality with open or closed circles

Enjoy your evening!