Monday, March 4th & BIG GOLD TEST

We are continuing our practice of writing rates, calculating unit rates, and then determining which brand or which option is the “better deal”! Students are really enjoying the fact that this skill can be applied to real-world situations. We worked super hard today perfecting our skill of determining “the best buy”. Here are some examples we worked together in class:

As you can see, Unit Rate always has a denominator of 1 !!!!!

We are preparing for our 3rd Nine Weeks Exam this coming Wednesday, March 6th!!! Students were given a study guide to help them refresh their memory on the following skills:

  • ratios
  • rates
  • unit rates
  • the better deal

I have encouraged my students to get any missing assignments in to me before the end of the nine weeks which is this Thursday, March 7th! Once Thursday passes, I will not be able to accept any missing assignments as I have to forward my grades to the office for processing. Check INOW to see if you owe me any work!!!!

Have a great evening!