Week of May 17-21

Students & Parents!!

We will begin collecting textbooks this week in various classes. This is the schedule for later this week:

On Friday, May 21st, we will collect:
Social Studies textbooks (bring them with you to your Social Studies class)
English textbooks (bring them with you to your English class)

Next Monday, May 24th, we will collect:
Science textbooks (bring them with you to your Science class)
Math textbooks (bring them with you to your Math class)

For my Science classes:
We will have a major test on Chapter 19, “Earth, Moon, and Sun” on Wednesday, May 19th. Study guides were completed last week. Monday and Tuesday will be used to check study guide answers and study the information in the chapter. Test will be Wednesday.

For my Social Studies classes:
Instruction will be given Monday on the use of MicroSoft’s PowerPoint application. Tuesday & Wednesday will be used by students to develop their individual PowerPoint projects on the topic, The Vietnam War. Projects will be presented in class on Thursday & Friday.

We will be very busy this week, so come to class prepared to work!