Thursday, May 20th

For Mrs. Horton’s Science classes:

Students in my Science class are going to construct and launch rockets over the next few class periods. Instructions for the materials needed to construct the rockets are being sent home with your students today, but in case that paper doesn’t make it home, here’s what it says:

“All your child will need to complete this project is a two liter plastic soft drink bottle, some posterboard (which they will cut into various shapes), and a roll of duct tape. Our Science Department has a water pressure pump that we will use to lanuch them on Monday or Tuesday.”

TEXTBOOK COLLECTION will begin tomorrow, Friday, May 21st!

This Friday, May 21st, we will collect:
Social Studies textbooks (bring them with you to your Social Studies class)
English textbooks (bring them with you to your English class)

Next Monday, May 24th, we will collect:
Science textbooks (bring them with you to your Science class)
Math textbooks (bring them with you to your Math class)