Week of October 8-12

Students will continue reviewing their skills with Order of Operations this week as we prepare for our First Nine Weeks Benchmark exam on Friday, October 12th. Students will also work with algebra as they begin considering letters in place of numbers in their math problems.

Please make every effort to be at school on Friday for your exam!!

Monday, October 8th…….Glencoe Homework Practice “Numerical Expressions” #1-15 only
Homework Practice Numerical Expressions HW for 10-8-12
Tuesday, October 9th……Glencoe ReTeach “Algebra: Variables & Expressions” – all problems ***Benchmark Study Guide will also be given out today during class so students may begin preparing for exam***
First Nine Weeks Study Guide Part 1
First Nine Weeks Study Guide Part 2
ReTeach Algebra Var and Exp HW for 10-9-2012
Wednesday, October 10th……Glencoe Skills Practice “Algebra: Variables & Expressions” *Students will begin work in class; whatever is not finished is to be completed for homework; continue working on Benchmark Study Guide
Thursday, October 11th…….complete Benchmark Study Guide and review it to prepare for exam on Friday
Friday, October 12th…….Benchmark Study Guide due; First Nine Weeks Exam

You have worked hard this week!! Enjoy your weekend!!