Redemption Codes for Online Student Textbook


Students were given a letter today in class that outlines the procedures for online redemption of your student’s online textbook from McGraw-Hill. The letter contains the Redemption Code that you will need to activate your student’s textbook. I have included a copy of that letter below on my blog in case the one I gave your student does not make it home.

Please note that as you begin this process, you & your student are considered a new student. I have placed a big star beside the set of instructions you will need to follow. In addition, I have placed 3 stars beside some verbage that is very important. THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL SEE YOUR USERNAME & PASSWORD IS WHEN YOU ARE REGISTERING YOUR STUDENT FOR THIS TEXTBOOK!!! With this in mind, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO WRITE DOWN YOUR USERNAME & PASSWORD and keep up with it for future reference. I have reminded students I have no access, no list, absolutely no way of “looking up” student’s usernames & passwords. If you lose track of it, you will have to contact the textbook company directly in order to re-gain access to your student’s online textbook.

Once you have access to your student’s textbook, please take some time to explore the textbook with your student! There are a multitude of wonderful resources for students to utilize as they work at home on different topics!

Student Redemption Code for Online Textbook