Week of October 22-26

Where has October gone? Students on the Green Team are preparing to begin an intensive study of fractions, but before we do, I think it prudent to review Divisibility Rules and Least Common Denominator (also known as Least Common Multiple). With those skills in mind, here is what Green Team students have in store for the week ahead:

Monday, October 22nd……..Lesson 5-1 Divisibility Patterns #1-24; I will give one bonus point per item for #25-30 for those students willing to find a number that fits the descriptions outlined in #25-30!
Lesson 5-1 Divisibility Patterns HW for 10-22-12
Tuesday, October 23rd…….Lesson 4-1 Practice B all problems
Lesson 4-1 Practice B HW for 10-23-2012
Wednesday, October 24th……..no homework
Thursday, October 25th……..complete Study Guide for Divisibility Rules & GCF test on Friday
Study Guide for Divisibility Rules & GCF quiz (front)
Study Guide for Divisibility Rules & GCF quiz (back)
Friday, October 26th……..possible quiz on equations, GCF, Divisibility Rules, and LCD

Hope the weekend is restful & relaxing!!!
Roll Tide!!!!!